Three to Allow Free Streaming of Netflix on Their UK Network

Good news if you’re a Three UK mobile customer as you will soon be able to watch Netflix without eating into your mobile data! According to Engadget the new ‘Go Binge’ plans/add-ons will allow users to stream Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud without using up their mobile data allowance. While the prices and final details are yet to be announced, it is said that those with 4GB and over monthly data allowance will be able to pay a small amount monthly to get the ‘Go Binge’ pack so they don’t have to worry as much about streaming.

This is great news for Three and Netflix customers but won’t go down well with Net Neutrality proponents – those that believe the internet should be equal for all and that services should not be not favoured or punished by data carriers (mobile or broadband).

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  1. Depending on how many minutes you need you can get 30gb data for £19/month on Three.

    Vodafone are £35 for 20gb. With a limited time offer of £25 for 25gb. They don’t do anything higher than 40gb.

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