Trailer Released for Korean Zombie Series “All Of Us Are Dead” – Coming Soon to Netflix

As the “Squid Game” hype is just about calming down, Netflix are ready with their next binge-worthy Korean series “All Of Us Are Dead” which sees a school and city swarmed with zombies and swept by chaos. When a mysterious zombie virus is unleashed in a school the effects spread quickly. The zombie horde grows and spreads across classrooms, the cafeteria, and the schoolyard, reaching every corner of the school. Finding themselves completely trapped, Cheong-san and his friends desperately seek rescue but not a single person they contact believes that the zombie outbreak is real. There is no sign of rescue, and to make matters worse, the phone lines go down…

Will they find a way to survive and escape the school? Having lost their friends, teachers, and safe haven overnight, would these kids be able to counter the zombies that were once their friends and escape the school safely?

The series arrives on January 28th and you can see the trailer below:

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