Trailer Released for “Q-Force”: New LGBTQ+ Adult-Animation Coming to Netflix

Netflix has released the full trailer for an upcoming adult-animation comedy series that follows a team of LGBTQ super spies. The show, “Q-Force”, will be made up of 10 half-hour episodes and is being created by Sean Hayes (“Will & Grace”), Michael Schur (aka Ken Tremendous; “The Good Place”) and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” writer Gabe Liedman Gabe Liedman. The series will premiere on Netflix on September 2nd.

The series stars Wanda Sykes as Deb, Sean Hayes as Mary, Matt Rogers as Twink, Patti Harrison as Stat and David Harbour as Buck.

Steve Maryweather, AKA Agent Mary, was once the Golden Boy of the American Intelligence Agency (AIA), until he came out as gay. Unable to fire him, the Agency sent him off to West Hollywood, to disappear into obscurity. Instead, he assembled a misfit squad of LGBTQ+ geniuses. Joining forces with the expert mechanic Deb, master of drag and disguise Twink, and hacker Stat, together they’re Q-Force.

But, after a decade of waiting for their first official mission from The AIA, Mary becomes hell-bent on proving himself to the Agency that turned its back on him, and decides to go rogue with Q-Force. After finding their own case, and solving it on their own terms, they get the reluctant approval of The AIA, and are officially upgraded to Active Secret Agents in the field. But, that approval comes with one major caveat– they must put up with a new member of the squad: straight-guy Agent Buck.

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