Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s New 80’s Italian Crime Film “The Ruthless”

Netflix has released the trailer for a new Italian crime film “The Ruthless” (“Lo Spietato”) which arrives on April 19th. The film is set in 1980’s Milan, Italy and follows Santo Russo and his rise to power in his life of crime.

Santo Russo, a Calabrian who grew up in the hinterland, after the first thefts in the suburbs and the juvenile prison, decides to follow his aspirations and to undertake definitively the life of the criminal. Within a few years he becomes the mind and the armed wing of a powerful and feared gang, launching himself into increasingly dirty and profitable business: robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, money laundering, and not least “miracles”: bloodshed executions.

In his unbridled race towards wealth and social satisfaction, Santo Russo is divided between two women: his wife, submissive and devoted, and his lover, a beautiful woman, elegant and unattainable. Two antipodal choices of life and two opposite faces of himself. Santo’s criminal path is made up of inevitable choices and painful trajectories: those who live or those who die, passionate love or family, the bourgeois dream or a ruthless life.

“The Ruthless” is a journey along a quarter of a century in the universe of the Italian mala told through the story of Santo Russo, a yuppie-like gangster who moves in the kaleidoscopic and dizzying reality of Milan in the golden years of fashion, easy money, avant-garde art and disco music.

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