What Disney Shows and Films are Available on Netflix USA? (6th May 2020)

Over the years Disney-owned content has been a staple of Netflix around the world with various deals in place between the House of Mouse and Netflix. However, over recent months and years that content has slowly been reduced and, obviously, with the launch of Disney+ in America in late 2019 you would expect there to be even less Disney content on Netflix. There are still, however, quite a number of Disney shows and films available on American Netflix.

What many people forget is that Disney is so much more than Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins. Disney, as a company, recently purchased Fox so 20th Century Fox films and productions are now owned by Disney – along with this deal are the TV shows made for/by FX too. Disney also owns ABC Studios, Touchstone Pictures, LucasFilm and Marvel. Their catalogue is huge and not all of it is a good fit for their family-friendly Disney+ service. There are also various existing license agreements that mean they can’t show their own content on Disney+ yet either.

So, what Disney-owned content is available on Netflix USA? Well let’s take a look and break them down into TV shows and movies.

List correct at time of publication: 6th May 2020

Disney TV Shows on Netflix USA

Disney Films on Netflix USA

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