What Happened to “Line of Duty” Season 3 on UK Netflix? [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3 (2nd October 2017)

After a rather long-running debacle we finally have a date for season 3 of “Line of Duty” on Netflix UK! It was previously announced as being added in September but Netflix have now confirmed it will be added on 31st October. Finally, you can see season 3!

Source: Netflix UK & Ireland Fanpage


Original post follows:


This morning we were graced with Season 3 of the British crime drama “Line of Duty” (which aired on BBC in April 2016). However, in a cruel twist earlier this evening it was taken away from us just as rapidly. Having spoken to Netflix about it, it appears to be a last minute licensing issue:

“…it is indeed coming, however there was a last minute licensing/timing thing and this is why we haven’t been able to fully upload it just yet. I don’t have a confirmed hour just yet but rest assured we’ll be getting it. I didn’t get a specific time frame, but they told me it was mostly related to the time we were allowed to upload it, about PST and the time zone being different in UK and such, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you get to see it within a day.”

So we might get it back tomorrow but at the very most expect it ‘soon’.


Twitter user ‘Tuna Stubs’ has informed us that episode 2 was missing and that Netflix had to remove the whole series in order to get it sorted. Expect it back soon.



Netflix have stated that it was added in error and they do not have the license to show season 3 yet. At the moment there are no known dates for it coming back to Netflix UK – you can always request it here though: Request TV shows or movies on Netflix

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26 thoughts on “What Happened to “Line of Duty” Season 3 on UK Netflix? [UPDATED]

  1. It’s now May 15 2017 and Line of Duty Series 3 is still not up on Netflix but series 4 is. What is going on!!!!

  2. Weirdly I started watching the Line of duty very recently. I enjoyed watching season 4 on tv so joined Netflix to watch season 1-3 having been told they were even better than season 4. I have just finished watching season 2 and am very disappointed there’s no season 3.

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