What’s Coming to Netflix UK in February 2021?

Welcome back to another update of what’s New On Netflix UK for the month of February. Here we will give you the rundown of what new films and TV shows will be added in the coming month. As well as all the global Netflix Originals we post about separately there are a lot of great shows and films on their way – so let’s jump straight in to the list of new additions coming to Netflix UK in February 2021.

Note: the full list of additions will be updated throughout the month – feel free to bookmark and keep checking back! Aside from Netflix Originals we only know 7-10 days in advance of new additions – so the end of the month looks empty but this will be filled out over time!

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Here is the full list of known additions for Netflix UK for February (subject to change and updated regularly):

Netflix Originals are shown in red
 – Last Updated: February 23rd

February 1st
Anna and the Apocalypse
In the Line of Fire
Magic Mike
Mean Girls
Miss Bala
Mom’s Night Out
Parks and Recreation: Full Series
Snakes On A Plane
The Family Fang
The House Arrest of Us (Filipino)
The Pact
Zig & Sharko: Season 3

February 2nd
Kid Cosmic: Season 1
Mighty Express: Season 2
Our Lady of San Juan, Four Centuries of Miracles
Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready: Season 2

February 3rd
All My Friends Are Dead (Polish)
Black Beach (Spanish)
Firefly Lane: Season 1

February 4th
A Day Will Dawn [En Dag Skall Gry] (Swedish)
A Man There Was [Terje Vigen] (Swedish)
Adult Behaviour… It’s All in the Mind [Vuxna Människor] (Swedish)
Angel (Swedish)
Artificial Svensson [Konstgjorda Svensson] (Swedish)
As Seen On TV [Känd Frän TV] (Swedish)
Bit By Bit [Liveti 8 Bitar] (Swedish)
Bitter Sweetheart [Linas kvällsbok] (Swedish)
Blackjack (Swedish)
Career [Karriär] (Swedish)
Egg Egg – A Hardboiled Story [Ägget Är Löst!] (Swedish)
Erotikon (Swedish)
Four More Years [Fire År Til] (Swedish)
Hanna in Society [Hanna I Societen] (Swedish)
High Rise Life – The Movie [Kvarteret Skatan Reser Till Laholm] (Swedish)
Ingeborg Holm (Swedish)
Inspector Späck [Kommissarie Späck] (Swedish)
Irl (In Real Life) (Swedish)
Karl Frederik Reigns [Karl-Frederik Regerar] (Swedish)
Lost and Found [Opbrud] (Danish)
Mälar Pirates [Mälarpirater] (Swedish)
Miss Chic (Swedish)
Money [Pengar – en tragikomisk saga] (Swedish)
Sir Arne’s Treasure [Herr Arnes Pengar] (Swedish)
Starring Maja [Prinsessa] (Swedish)
Strong As A Lion [Lejontämjaren] (Swedish)
The Assault [Misshandlingen] (Swedish)
The Brig Three Lillies [Briggen Tre Liljor] (Swedish)
The Dream House [Dröm kåken] (Swedish)
The Great Adventure [Det stora äventyret] (Swedish)
The Norrtull Gang [Norrtullsligan] (Swedish)
The Pilgrimage to Kevlaar [Vallfarten till Kevlaar] (Swedish)
The Priest Widow [Prästänkan] (Swedish)
The Strongest [Den Starkaste] (Swedish)
The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity

February 5th
Coming from Insanity
Hache: Season 2 (Spanish)
Hire a Woman
Invisible City: Season 1 (Brazilian)
Little Big Women (Taiwanese)
Malcolm & Marie
Space Sweepers (Korean)
Strip Down, Rise Up
The Last Paradiso (Italian)

February 7th
Monster Run [Guai wu xian sheng] (Cantonese)
Robocop (2014)

February 9th
The Valhalla Murders

February 10th
A Serious Game [Den Allvarsamma Leken] (Swedish)
Ambulancen [Ambulance] (Danish)
Apan (Swedish)
Asfaltenglene (Norwegian)
Att göra en pudel (Swedish)
Bad Faith [Ond Tro] (Norwegian)
Barbara (Danish)
Behind Blue Skies [Himlen är oskyldigt blä] (Norwegian)
Bombay Dreams (Swedish)
Cockpit (Swedish)
Cold Lunch [Lønsj] (Norwegian)
Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel: Season 1
Den sorte Madonna [The Black Madonna] (Danish)
Father of Four – on a Wild Holiday [Far til Fire’s: Vilde Ferie] (Danish)
Father of Four: The Return of Uncle Sofus [Far til fire – Onkel Sofus vender tilbage] (Danish)
Ghosts of Cité Soleil
Headhunter (Danish)
Kalde Føtter (Norwegian)
Karlas Kabale (Danish)
Karla and Jonas [Karla og Jonas] (Danish)
Kenny Begins (Swedish)
Kinamand (Danish)
Kurt Blir Grusom (Norwegian)
Labrador (Danish)
Lost and Found [Opbrud] (Danish)
Mørke [Murk] (Danish)
Next Door [Naboer] (Norwegian)
News of The World
Oh Happy Day (Danish)
Oldboys (Swedish)
Radiopiratene (Norwegian)
Reprise (Norwegian)
Room 205 [Kollegiet] (Danish)
Someone Like Hodder [En Som Hodder] (Danish)
Sprængfarlig bombe (Danish)
Staying Alive (Norwegian)
Stockholm East [Stockholm Östra] (Swedish)
Superbror (Danish)
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
Terribly Happy [Frygtelig Lykkelig] (Danish)
The Crown Jewels [Kronjuvelerna] (Swedish)
The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman (French)
The Swimsuit Issue (Swedish)
Triple Dare [Supervoksen] (Danish)
Trust Me [Puss] (Swedish)
Tur & retur (Swedish)
With Your Permission [Til Døden os Skiller] (Danish)

February 11th
Capitani: Season 1
Layla Majnun (Indonesian)
Red Dot (Swedish)
Squared Love (Polish)

February 12th
Barbie Princess Adventure
Buried by the Bernards: Season 1
Hate by Dani Rovira (Spanish)
To All The Boys: Always And Forever
Xico’s Journey (Mexican)

February 13th
White House Farm

February 14th
Namaste Wahala (Nollywood)
The Big Day: Collection 1 (Indian)

February 15th
Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure
Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs
Are You The One
Astro Boy
Booba: Season 4
Leaving Neverland
Little Man
Mother’s Day
My Teacher, My Obsession
Open Water
The Crew: Season 1
Wheel of Fortune: Seasons

February 16th
Along Came Polly
American Graffiti
Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Movie [Interactive]
Bird on a Wire
Mamma Mia!
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
The Debt
The Little Rascals Save the Day

February 17th
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Afermath [Lad de Små Børn] (Danish]
Amend: The Fight for America: Limited Series
Andreaskorset [The Crossing] (Norwegian)
Baba’s Cars [Babas Bilar] (Swedish)
Babylonsjukan (Swedish)
Behind Her Eyes: Limited Series
Beyond [Svinalängorna] (Swedish)
Blodsbånd (Norwegian)
Det store flip (Danish)
Detective Downs [Detektiv Downs] (Norwegian)
Eeb Allay Ooo! (Hindi)
En folkefiende [An Enemy of The People] (Norwegian)
Excuse Me [Undskyld Jeg Forstyrrer] (Danish)
Fluerne på væggen (Norwegian)
Hello, Me!: Season 1 (Korean) [Weekly Episodes]
Homesick [De Nærmeste] (Norwegian)
Kærestesorger [Aching Hearts] (Danish)
Karla og Katrine (Danish)
Key House Mirror [Nøgle Hus Spejl] (Danish)
Krummerne – Så er det jul igen (Danish)
MeatEater: Season 9 Part 2
Mini and the Mozzies [Cykelmyggen og Minibillen] (Danish)
Miracle [Mirakel] (Norwegian)
Olsenbanden Jr. – Det sorte gullet (Norwegian)
Olsenbanden Jr Går under vann (Norwegian)
Olsenbanden Jr. Mestertyvens skatt (Norwegian)
Olsenbanden Jr. På Rocker’n (Norwegian)
Olsenbanden Jr. – Sølvgruvens hemmelighet (Norwegian)
Overcoming (Danish)
Parterapi (Danish)
People in the Sun [Mennesker I Solen] (Norwegian)
Rosa Morena [Copilul nostru] (Danish)
Rosita (Danish)
Se min kjole (Danish)
Sisyphus: Season 1 (Korean) [Weekly Episodes]
Skyscraber (Danish)
Sommaren med Göran [A Midsummer Night’s Party] (Swedish)
Sorrow and Joy [Sorg og Glæde] (Danish)
SOS Svartskjær (Norwegian)
Svein og rotta [Svein and the Rat] (Norwegian)
The Big Day [den Store dag] (Danish)
The Last Sentence [Dom över död man] (Swedish)
The Meg
Titanics ti liv (Norwegian)
To Love Someone [Den Man Älskar] (Swedish)
To verdener [Worlds Apart] (Danish)
Ulvenatten (Norwegian)
Ulvesommer (Norwegian)
Unge andersen [Young Andersen] (Danish)
United (Norwegian)

February 18th
Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan: Season 1 (Japanese)

February 19th
Heroes: Silence and Rock & Roll
Legacy of Lies
Pitta Kathalu: Season 1 (Indian – Telugu)
Tribes of Europa: Season 1 (German)

February 20th
Classmates Minus (Taiwanese)
Fate: The Winx Saga – The Afterparty
Vincenzo: Season 1 (Korean) [Weekly Episodes]
Wave of Cinema: Surat dari Timur

February 22nd
What Men Want

February 23rd
Brian Regan: On The Rocks
Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art
Pelé (Brazilian)

February 24th
Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan: Season 1
Anja & Viktor (Danish)
Blue, Painful, Fragile (Japanese)
Canine Intervention: Season 1
Det største i verden [The Greatest Thing] (Norwegian)
Easy Skanking [Fidibus] (Danish)
Elling 1: Brødre i blodet [Elling] (Norwegian)
Elsk meg i morgen [Love Me Tomorrow] (Norwegian)
Ginny & Georgia: Season 1
Harry’s Daughters [Harry’s döttrar] (Swedish)
Her i nærheden [A Place Nearby] (Danish)
Livet är en schlager [Once in a Lifetime] (Swedish)
Lotto (Danish)
Lykkevej [Move Me] (Danish)
M8 – When Death Rescues Life [M8 – Quando a Morte Socorre a Vida] (Brazilian Portuguese)
Marias menn (Norwegian)
Rene hjerter (Danish)
Så vit som en snö (Swedish)
Svein og rotta og UFO-mysteriet (Norwegian)
Temporary Release [Ledsaget Udgang] (Danish)
The Art of Negative Thinking [Kunsten Ä Tenke Negativt] (Norwegian)
The Jönsson Gang & Dynamite Harry [Jönsson Ligan & Dynamit Harry] (Swedish)
The Shooter [Skytten] (Norwegian)

February 25th
Geez & Ann (Indonesian)
High-Rise Invasion: Season 1 (Japanese)

February 26th
Bigfoot Family
Crazy About Her (Spanish)
Ginny & Georgia: The Afterparty
The Girl on the Train

February 27th
Poldark: Season 5

February 28th
TIGER & BUNNY: Season 1

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    1. They made a deal with a Scandi film company. Netflix realised it was a cheap way of getting a load of content – by buying the rights to a truckload of 80s/90s stuff. As a Swede in the UK, I’m THRILLED. I can re-watch some old favourites AND finally show my British husband a bunch of the films I watched growing up! 🙂

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