What’s Coming to Netflix UK in October 2019? [Updated]

Welcome back to another update of what’s New On Netflix UK for the month of October. Here we will give you the rundown of what new films and TV shows will be added next month. As well as all the global Netflix Originals we post about separately there are a lot of great shows and films on their way – so let’s jump straight in to the list of new additions coming to Netflix UK in October 2019.

Note: the full list of additions will be updated throughout the month – feel free to bookmark and keep checking back! Aside from Netflix Originals we only know 7-10 days in advance of new additions – so the end of the month looks empty but this will be filled out over time!

Click here to see all the weekly TV episodes coming in October.

Here is the full list of known additions for Netflix UK for October (subject to change):

Netflix Originals are shown in red
 – last updated 23rd October

October 1st
A Stranger Outside
Agent of Deceit
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
Another Miss Oh: Season 1
Bring It On, Ghost: Season 1
Carmen San Diego: Season 2
Cheese in the Trap: Season 1
Chicago Typewriter
Deadly Shores
Degrees of Fear
Dolphin Kick
Engineering Girls: Season 1
Get Santa
Haikyu!!: Season 1
He’s Just Not That Into You
Inmates: Season 1
Nikki Glaser: Bangin’
Robocar Poli: Season 4
Salam – The First ****** Nobel Laureate
Second 20s: Season 1
Sex and The City: The Movie
Sheep & Wolves
Signal: Season 1
Sniper: Legacy
Star Trek (2009)
The Big Bang Theory: Season 12
The Figurine (Araromire)
The K2: Season 1
The Liar and His Lover: Season 1
The NeverEnding Story
Tomorrow, With You
Transformers: Cyberverse: Season 1
Tunnel: Season 1

October 2nd
Living Undocumented: Season 1
Ready to Mingle

October 3rd
Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 2
Seis Manos: Season 1

October 4th
Big Mouth: Season 3
El Dragón: Return of a Warrior: Season 1
In the Tall Grass
Kids on the Block
My Country: The New Age: Season 1 (Weekly Episodes)
Raising Dion: Season 1
Rotten: Season 2
Super Monsters: Season 3
Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

October 5th
Legend Quest: Masters of Myth: Season 1

October 6th

October 7th
Match! Tennis Juniors: Season 1

October 8th
Deon Cole: Cole Hearted
The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-Ween

October 9th
Rhythm + Flow: Season 1 (First 4 episodes – then 3 episodes weekly until 23rd October)

October 10th
Once Upon a Time in London
Riverdale: Season 4 (Weekly Episodes)
Ultramarine Magmell: Season 1

October 11th
Bygones Be Bygones
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
Haunted: Season 2
Insatiable: Season 2
The Forest of Love
The Hook Up Plan: Season 2
The Influence

YooHoo to the Rescue: Season 2

October 12th
Dynasty: Season 3 (Weekly Episodes) – to be confirmed
Street Flow
The Lies Within: Season 1 (Weekly Episodes)

Two Small Voices

October 13th
Paprika: Season 1

October 14th
Black Lightning: Season 3 (Weekly Episodes) – to be confirmed
Martin Matte: La vie, la mort…eh la la..!

October 15th
Black Money Love: Season 1
In Like Flynn
Magical Andes
Power Rangers: Beast Morphers: Season 1
Saint Judy
Two Weeks Notice

October 16th
Ghosts of Sugar Land
Park Na-rae: Glamour Warning
The Game Changers

October 17th
A Vigilante

October 18th
93 Days
Baby: Season 2
Living With Yourself: Season 1
Love, Surreal and Odd
MeatEater: Season 8
Mighty Little Bheem: Diwali: Collection 1
New Money
Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales: Season 2
Tell Me Who I Am
The House of Flowers: Season 2
The Laundromat
The Yard: Season 1
Toon: Series 1
Unnatural Selection: Season 1

October 19th
Daddy’s Home 2
Kong: Skull Island

October 22nd
Jenny Slate: Stage Fright

October 23rd
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Season 1
Dancing with the Birds

October 24th
Daybreak: Season 1

October 25th
BoJack Horseman: Season 6
Brotherhood (Irmandade): Season 1
Crazy People
Dolemite Is My Name
Drug Squad: Costa del Sol: Season 1
Greenhouse Academy: Season 3
It Takes a Lunatic
Lagos Real Fake Life
Monzón: A Knockout Blow: Season 1
My Next Guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan
Nailed It! France: Season 1

Nailed It! Spain: Season 1
Prank Encounters: Season 1

The Accidental Spy
The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch (Wolkenbruch’s Wondrous Journey Into the Arms of a Shiksa)
The Island
The Kominsky Method: Season 2

October 28th
A 3 Minute Hug
Jeopardy!: New Collections
Little Miss Sumo

October 29th
Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy

October 30th
Bring it On, Ghost: Season 1
Flavorful Origins: Season 2
Mehandi Circus

October 31st
Grego Rossello: Disculpe las molestias
Kengan Ashura: Part 2
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories: Season 2

Nowhere Man: Season 1

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  1. Looks like I will going back to my blu Ray and DVDs for movies and TV series as this list looks at moment pretty poor, for 3rd party stuff,Halloween coming up where the scream movies,Halloween movies etc.?

    1. I am holding off cancelling my Netflix subscription,till Disney + and britbox comes out then I be cancelling as Netflix gone concidable down hill,to much original content not enough 3rd party content ,and to much foreign content also, so time to cancel.

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