When Can I Watch the “Sense8” Series Finale on Netflix?


  • With not long to go until the series finale of “Sense8” you might be wondering when you can start to say goodbye to this amazing Netflix Original series. The finale, a 2-hour special, arrives on June 8th but what time can you watch it?

Well, that all depends on where in the world you live. Netflix Originals usually get added shortly after midnight in Los Angeles, the home of Netflix. So, after taking the timezones into account you can expect to be able to watch “Sense8” as follows:

Western USA: from 12.01am
Eastern USA: from 3.01am
UK: from 8.01am
Central Europe: from 9.01am
Africa: from 9.01am
Western Australia: from 3.01pm
Eastern Australia: from 5.01pm

Let us know in the comments what you think to “Sense8” series finaleonce it arrives!


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