When Will Homeland Season 8 Come to Netflix?

“Homeland” has been a popular TV series since it launched in 2011 and has been a very popular show on Netflix around the world. After 8 seasons, the show aired it’s final episode in April 2020 (after a 2 year gap) and now fans are eagerly awaiting it’s arrival on Netflix. While there are no firm dates from Netflix about when it will come, we can look at past release dates and give you an estimate of when to expect it.

Homeland on Netflix UK
UK viewers currently have seasons 1-7 available to them and since season 3 they have been added around 1 year after the season premiere in the USA (or 10 months after the season finale). So we would expect season 8 of “Homeland” to arrive on Netflix UK anytime from February 2021. UPDATE: Homeland: Season 8 was added to Netflix UK on February 16th 2021.

Homeland on Netflix Canada
Canadian subscribers currently have seasons 1-7 available. Since seasons 1-4 were added in March 2016 they have got the new seasons between 15 and 18 months after airing in America. Therefore we would estimate that season 8 will be added between July and September 2021.

Homeland on Netflix Australia
Things are a little bit trickier for Australian subscribers as “Homeland” had a number seasons removed throughout 2019 and early 2020 before being removed entirely and then coming back with seasons 1-7 in May 2020. However, when the seasons were being added initially they were usually between 12 and 16 months after the season aired in America. So we would expect season 8 of “Homeland” to arrive on Netflix in Australia between February and June 2021. UPDATE: Homeland: Season 8 was added to Netflix in Australia on February 10th 2021.

Homeland on Netflix USA
If you’re in America then unfortunately you’ve never had “Homeland” on Netflix. All 8 seasons are, however, available on Showtime.

As always, if we hear of any accurate dates then we will let you know – but for now here’s the season 8 trailer:

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2 thoughts on “When Will Homeland Season 8 Come to Netflix?

  1. Worth waiting for, it had the best ending and all wrapped up nicely. Wish it could have continued of course but was left feeling satisfied with the ending….. unlike so many other shows lol

  2. This is ridiculous! You have bought all your Seasons here in Canada and you don’t have the decency to give us season 8. How disgusting and disappointing! I guess Canadaian’s. don’t watch TV!!!!

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