When Will Season 4 of Bates Motel Come to Netflix?

A lot of people have been asking when Season 4 of the hit TV Series “Bates Motel” (set before the events of the classic Hitchcock film “Psycho”) will arrive on Netflix. Well, of course, that depends where you live but if you’re in America or Canada then you already have all 4 seasons available.

If you’re in the UK or Australia then you will still be asking when it will be added. Both UK Netflix and Australian Netflix only have seasons 1-3 and are still waiting for season 4. Previous seasons have been added at the beginning of March but this year there seems to be some delay. Hopefully it will be added soon and if we hear anything then we will post about it straight away! Until then, you’re going to have to wait patiently…

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12 thoughts on “When Will Season 4 of Bates Motel Come to Netflix?

  1. I gave up after episode one, when it was clear this isn’t a prequel to the Hitchock film (ground which Psycho 4 partly covered anyway). However, I hear good things about this series, so may well give it another chance and treat it as an extended remake, which is what it really is.

    1. I persevered with it, because its few prequel storylines were actually well done, but too few and far between. It’s been said that the final (fifth?) season could be watched on its own, and will better serve as an actual Psycho prequel.

    2. Andrew Cheverton It was the modern day setting which made me turn off (although the way they revealed that was clever), so it made me think “this isn’t the Norman I know and (kinda) love”.
      But I’ll give it another go soon. I heard the next (and final) season will be their version of Psycho itself. Rihanna has been cast as Marion. Kudos to them for doing something different with the source material though – a shot for shot remake would be insane (oh wait…nah I must have dreamt that).

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