When Will “Stranger Things 4” Be Released?! #Rant

Since “Stranger Things” arrived in the summer of 2016 it has become an incredibly popular sci-fi thriller throughout the world. Season 2 arrived in late 2017 and the latest season, simply called “Stranger Things 3”, arrived on the streaming service just less than 9 hours ago (at the time of writing).

Already, people are asking when “Stranger Things 4” will be available. I mean, seriously?! Season 3 is 7hr 18m long so even if you have binged it since it was available then you’ve had less than 90 minutes of free time – and you use that to demand to know when the next season will be released?

Look, there hasn’t even been a confirmation of a 4th season let alone any talks of release date. Seriously people – chill out and wait. Do you really think Netflix will drop season 4 tomorrow and say “surprise! we had this all along!” – I doubt it…

At a complete guess, which is all ANYONE can do, I’d say probably another 18 months – like the gap between every season that has been released so far. But no one knows. Chill out. Relax. Give it time. Find something else to watch. There’s plenty available…

Anyway, rant over. And, if you haven’t watched it yet, the trailer for Stranger Things 3 is below:

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4 thoughts on “When Will “Stranger Things 4” Be Released?! #Rant

  1. Well I just start watching season 1 again and go through to season 3 gradually because can’t remember what happen before don’t want to finish it to quick,m enjoying it though.

  2. I’d love it if it’s released on July 4rth next year too. Spending all day binging with the family then shooting fireworks off in the evening. Perfect day.

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