UPDATE: Where Are the Facebook Pages? THEY’RE BACK!

After just under 24 hours our Facebook pages have now returned. We are still none-the-wiser as to why they were removed but at least they’re back and accessible again. Hopefully Facebook will respond to the messages and give us some insight as to why it happened and what can be done to stop it happening again. Thanks you to those that shared the post to try get the word out, it is much appreciated!


Original post:

Good question! Well, it seems that Facebook decided that “recent activity on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Pages Terms.” Which is slightly annoying that it’s suddenly happened after over 4 years and on all the pages as well as the New On Amazon Prime page… And that it happened on all 5 of the pages mentioned all at exactly the same time. I’ve appealed it, obviously, but I have no idea how long it will take for them to review the decision.

The only thing I think could possibly be the reason is the use of the Netflix brand in the page logo (even though it’s clearly a fan-page and says 100% unofficial in both the logo and the page description). We’ll see what they say and hopefully we’ll be back up and running soon!

So, for now, please follow the Twitter accounts below and keep an eye on the main websites:




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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Where Are the Facebook Pages? THEY’RE BACK!

  1. Don’t use Facecrook.
    They are a very unethical, arrogant, condescending, dangerous and extremely greedy company.
    Find another platform for NewonNetflix
    Good luck

    1. That may be true but there are nearly 30,000 followers of all the pages. How do I get in touch with them to tell them where to find us?

      1. Well, that’s easy… just post a message telling people where you’re moving to. All those who still actively follow will see it… those who don’t actively follow will be no loss anyway. Well, unless inflated follower numbers are important to you. 🙂

        Create pages elsewhere, then over the next few months, post on the FB pages once a week that you’re moving and that updates there will either gradually reduce and/or cease altogether on a specified date.

        Personally, I’ve come to like MeWe since the news of G+ shutting down, but I don’t think it has an API which would allow auto-posting.

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