Where Is Lucha Underground Available on Netflix?

Earlier this year it was announced that the Mexican Wrestling series “Lucha Underground” would be arriving on Netflix. Lots of news and media sites posted articles about it saying it would be coming on 15th March. What they didn’t state was that it was only going to be available for Netflix subscribers in the USA and Canada. So since then we’ve been inundated with questions asking when it will be arriving. The simple answer is, if you’re outside of the USA and Canada then there are no known dates for it to be added.

As with most things you read online, it’s important to check sources. A lot of media outlets see the word ‘Netflix’ and simply repost it – regardless of availability. I’ve seen it countless times over the years and “Lucha Underground” is just a recent example. It has, however, clearly been a popular addition so with any luck it will be added for other regions in the coming months.

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