Where is Slasher Season 2 on Netflix UK?

Horror anthology series ‘Slasher‘ was added to Netflix UK earlier this year and season 2 was due earlier this month – in fact most of the world got season 2 on the 17th October. However, the second series is still yet to show up in the UK even though the Netflix website hints that you can watch it.

“Watch Season 2: Guilty Party” implies that we should already be able to watch the 2nd season as this text usually appears shortly after a new series is added. After a rather long support chat on the Netflix help site I finally got told “this should be released globally it should show up on your end as well. Please bear with us while fix this.”

So, sit back, relax and hopefully season 2 should actually be available soon!

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9 thoughts on “Where is Slasher Season 2 on Netflix UK?

  1. If anybody has Now TV, both Season 1 and 2 are available on there 🙂 After reading this article, I just thought I’d check to see, not expecting much luck, and there they were!

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