Why Can’t I Watch Game of Thrones on Netflix?

“Game of Thrones” fever is high at the moment with the season 7 premier airing last night in the US on HBO and later this evening in the UK on Sky Atalantic. So, will “Game of Thrones” ever come to Netflix?

The answer is a very simple “no”. As much as you’d like it to, it’ll never happen as it’s owned and created by a rival channel (HBO). Likewise Netflix’s “House of Cards”, for example, will never air on HBO. That’s just how it works.

So, for your GoT fix, the sad truth is that you’ll just have to pay for another subscription to keep up to date.

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37 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Watch Game of Thrones on Netflix?

  1. Also, if you can make it through the season without seeing any spoilers, the whole season is usually for sale on Amazon Video the day after the final episode is screened

  2. Netflix in the UK has really gone downhill. They don’t have any of the latest popular shows like Game of thrones or Walking Dead. Their films also mostly consists of rubbish low budget or old ones which have already been on tv before many times.

    1. £3 for kids, £8 for TV shows, £10 for movies. That’s £21/month for 2 devices at a time and only registered to 4 devices max.

      Vs £7.50 for 2 screens with HD or £9 for ultra HD and 4 screens.

      If you’re happy to pay nearly three times the price they yes, you will get “better” content – and basically a Sky subscription…

    1. Are you joking? It never changes.. the choice of movies is rubbish.. the U.S and other countries have much better service.. we need more films added.. more British comedies.

    2. https://uk.newonnetflix.info/stats

      UK Netflix has had a net increase of 1500 titles in the last year. That’s with removals as well as additions. Around 2500 titles have changed in the last year.

      US content is not growing at that rate. Most other countries are catching up the the US in terms of numbers with an ever increasing percentage of shared content across all regions.

    3. But the US has a much better choice.. you haven’t even got harry Potter or similar on, asked for years.. mine is made up of average films and Bollywood rubbish and strange cartoons. Even the comedy series you have normally have series 1 and 4 missing, never a full set.

    4. I agree with both sides Netflix uk does have many programmes that interest people but I have used the US Netflix and there is a lot of there that I would love to be watching why not allow the US and the UK to watch the Same shows i get licencing and stuff but come on how hard could it be to put a few shows on a year like supernatural and stuff like that

    5. I will say though some of your Netflix originals are really good but it can get disappointing when you cancelled them after 1 season or so when’s there’s so much that can be done

  3. its a shame that Netflix UK seems to have lost its way in recent years. They try hard to copy their American counterpart but sadly don’t have the rights to a lot of films, so we are given tons of PBS documentaries instead. Surely it is time for the UK board to stop and think we need to offer something different to get subscribers on board. Sam hit the nail on the head with her comment below, the UK is famous for programmes that have been produced in the past, most of which are now consigned to the deepest archives, but it would be brilliant if some of those could be resurrected. We had Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes before, surely it couldn’t be difficult to bring those back, along side Misfits, the rest of the episodes of Only Fools and Horses rather than just the Christmas specials. Auf Wiedersehn Pet, London’s Burning, Soldier Soldier, The Bill, Juliet Bravo and so many more. Some true greats to really get buried into and make us subscribers feel that we are getting value for money once again.

    and classic Doctor Who, cannot forget that

      1. Erm, stranger things, the three marvel series, narcos, house of cards, castlevania animated, new Star Trek tv incoming, better call saul, arrested development, black mirror, master of none, making a murderer…..
        Can’t agree that Netflix uk is going downhill

  4. Loving the new content mainly movies for me recently watched ‘Take Me’, ‘Curse Of Downers Grove’, ‘How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town’, ‘Hello My Name Is Doris’, ‘The Young Offenders’, ‘Circle’, ‘Adult Life Skills’, ‘IBoy’ and ‘Sandcastle’ to name a few, but some TV series too like ‘Love Nina’, ‘The Kennedys’, ‘IZombie’ and I am looking forward to the new series of ‘Wet Hot American Summer 10 Years On’ which should start on 4th August I believe. Yes it is not easy to find a great movie (not many major premieres about) but there are some little gems there you just need to spend some time to flick.

  5. I think if you’re looking specifically for films it’s not always the best, but you get all the Netflix originals like Orange is he new black and unbreakable K.S which are epic not to mention the Marvel base series like Dare devil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron first!…for the modern day comic book geek/Marvel fan Netflix is a must! Oh and don’t forget Better Call Saul if you’re a Breaking bad fan! And Next up the Defenders!
    It must be an early impossible task to meet everyones idea of a great range, I would skip past most of the things people are asking for myself but I’m just one person. I have Netflix and a Now tv package and it has me well covered. I keep up with the HBO and Atlantic shows like GOT and Walking Dead alongside the series on Netflix I enjoy.
    Also isn’t it true that we might be getting more universal Netflix at some point in the future? Or is this just a hopeful rumour?

    1. It’s getting more universal already. That’s why we’re getting a lot more Korean, Turkish etc shows. Universal content doesn’t just mean “getting the same as America” as many people seem to think…

  6. FYI netflix france has game of thrones. And the walking dead. And plenty of other shows.
    It’s sad when I start to envy netflix France’s content when they got netflix later than us.
    There may be an increase in content but there’s also a lot of things I personally don’t want to watch like a LOT of bollywood stuff and a lot of Korean drama (I wouldn’t mind much if they’d varied it from time to time like adding JDrama…. but it’s like a shitton of Kdrama instead…)
    So quantity doesn’t make quality.
    I only keep netflix for its original shows at this point and mostly get to try new shows when i go to France (example Wynonna Earp which I got to see in France a long time before it came to the uk)

  7. After looking at the above comments ‘and’ trialling and speaking with friends, I have come to the opinion the Although Netfilxs is very popular, the content selection is becoming very thin. Unknown and obscure titles, an abundance of Bollywood titles, very few New block buster movies and as discussed some popular series missing. It seems that you need to have multiple platforms to cover your needs, perhaps that is why..?

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