Yet Another Netflix Blog?

Why am I even here? There are a million and one sites and blogs about Netflix already – do we really need another one? Maybe not, but I still want to do this – let me explain…

I’m a fairly down-to-earth guy, I’m not extravagant, I don’t really show off and I tend not to exaggerate things. These traits rub off onto my personal preferences too – I hate exaggeration! I see a lot of Netflix news sites doing just that and I’m sure you’ve seen numerous ‘news’ items about how “this Netflix hack will change your life” or “the secret Netflix page that will change your life”. They annoy me mainly because it’s click-bait but also because things like the “secret codes” (technically micro-genres used internally by Netflix to help identify recommendations) don’t have much real-world use.

I don’t want to do that sort of ‘news’ because, at the end of the day, it’s not news. I may do features on topics such as how to submit suggestions for films and shows you want to see added to Netflix – but they certainly won’t “blow your mind” or “change the way you binge-watch Netflix forever”.

What you’ll find here in the coming weeks and months will be actual news about Netflix, information about upcoming Netflix Originals, some feature/opinion articles and maybe some occasional “pick of the week” style posts for a few selected Netflix regions.

I hope you will find it useful, informative and fully lacking in hyperbole. Plus if you have an opinion piece then get in touch and I may do some guest posts too.

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