You Can Now Watch Netflix for Free! (If you live in Vietnam or Kenya)

Netflix has just launched a brand new FREE tier for their streaming service giving nearly 150 million people access to a selection of Netflix Original films and series. People in Vietnam and Kenya now have access to a free subscription plan that is available on Android devices. No payment method is needed but the content is limited – users on the free plan can still create profiles for both adults and kids. You can also, at any time, upgrade to a paid plan in order to access the full catalogue of Netflix Originals as well as third party content.

We have been unable to confirm exactly what content is available on the free plan and if the selected films and shows will be on rotation. We also don’t know yet if, for example, all seasons of a Netflix Original series will be available or just the first one etc.

The 1 month free trial was removed some time ago so it will be interesting to see if the free plan is a replacement for the free trialĀ  – obviously Netflix is a business so will, in the long run, want to make money from those on the free plan. But the question is, will the free plan roll out to more countries globally?

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