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“Death Note” has been around for some years. In 2003 the Manga series was first published and then in 2006 the Anime TV series was released. Now, over a decade later, it is arriving in movie form and only on Netflix.

The supernatural horror/thriller follows a young man who finds a mystical notebook. When a name get’s written in the book, that person dies. He has ultimate power over criminals but also over those who bullied him at school…

“Death Note” arrives on 25th August and you can see the full trailer below:

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14 thoughts on “Death Note – Full Trailer

    1. Lana Ryan tbf Trainspotting and Trainspotting 2 were produced by film 4… they got a cinematic release too. Death Note got US and Canadian cinema releases granted only one day at least in Canada.

    2. there were 4 films altogether 🙂 Death Note 1 and 2, L: Change the World and Death Note: Light up the new world. Looking forward to seeing how this one is done!

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