First Match – From Short Film to Netflix Original

“First Match” is an upcoming Netflix Original Movie form first time writer/director Olivia Newman. Set in New York City (NYC) the film follows teenage girl Mo from Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighbourhood who has been hardened by years in foster care. She decides that joining the all-boys’ wrestling team is the only way back to her estranged father. The film was originally made as a short film by the same name during Newman’s time in college but is now a full length feature.

Set in Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighborhood, the film follows sixteen year-old Mo as she attempts to
reconnect with her estranged father, recently released from prison. By taking up wrestling, a sport he
loved in high school, she tries to win his affection in order to have a “real” family again. But no sooner
has she made varsity, her father reveals he has bigger plans for his daughter that have little to
do with wrestling, and Mo finds herself caught between her devotion to her father and her loyalty to her

“First Match” arrives globally on March 30th.

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